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HavenHaven welcomes all visitors and we encourage you to enjoy all the amenities of our picturesque town. Nestled in a quiet corner of coastal Maine, we offer abundant recreational choices. Join with our locals for a rousing wolf hunt in the ample forest that borders our town, or enjoy a relaxing day at sea on one of the many sailboats available for rent. Local artisans will be delighted to show their wares and the many bistros and pubs nearby offer endless meal choices. Whatever your preferences may be, your visit to Haven will be an experience you'll never forget!

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This Week in Haven

Wedding FlowersMs Evelyn Cox and Mr Steven Talisker became engaged recently after four years together. The event took place at their favorite spot - the old bandstand - during a sunny yet damp afternoon where Steven wined and dined his future wife with a replica of their first dinner together, even down to the same chinos and dress shirt he wore on that night. What a charmer! It's no wonder Evelyn said yes!

The story doesn't end with simple romance, however. According to witnesses, as Steven slipped an exquisite sapphire and diamond ring upon Evelyn's finger, the drizzle cleared from the immediate area, leaving behind the scent of dew-touched roses. One by-passer even swears they felt a velvet petal brush their cheek as they watched despite no roses being anywhere nearby.

Perhaps everyone present were simply caught in the romance of the moment. It certainly wouldn't be unusual. Then again...this being Haven...maybe romance really can be in the air.

by S.Halloran
Special Contributor

In Other News

  • Several prominent members of our population were recently sent to represent our town at a conference on the opposite coast. Although we did not have a reporter of our own in attendance, rumor has it that Audrey Parker, Nathan Wuornos, Duke Crocker and Dwight Hendrickson were quite eloquent and took every opportunity to laud the virtues of our picturesque town. Although the tourist season is nearing it's end, we have still seen an influx in visitors who have discovered Haven as a direct result of the earnest efforts of these individuals in San Diego, California.
  • Repairs are ongoing at the King's Point Beacon, and efforts have been booned by many local tradesmen donating their time and expertise to see the project succeed. With luck, this repeatedly-doomed lighthouse will be completely rebuilt by autumn, and with it's new steel internal structure we hope to see it survive a full season this time around.