Welcome to Haven!

HavenHaven welcomes all visitors and we encourage you to enjoy all the amenities of our picturesque town. Nestled in a quiet corner of coastal Maine, we offer abundant recreational choices. Join with our locals for a rousing wolf hunt in the ample forest that borders our town, or enjoy a relaxing day at sea on one of the many sailboats available for rent. Local artisans will be delighted to show their wares and the many bistros and pubs nearby offer endless meal choices. Whatever your preferences may be, your visit to Haven will be an experience you'll never forget!tattoo

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This Week in Haven

Miles of SmilesThe Haven Community Theatre production of Miles of Smiles received rave reviews after last night's performance. This long-awaited project took several months to produce, and critics say the finished product was so perfect, so beautiful, that it was worth the long wait.

Audrey Parker played "Emily Rose", the lead role in this story of wonder and awe, and did a superb job portraying a young woman taking the long journey into motherhood. How she found time for rehearsals during her busy life at the Haven Police Department is a mystery, but her hard work and dedication has paid off in a truly stellar performance.

The production boasted a strong supporting cast and experienced crew, which was evident by the excellence of the finished product. We look forward to more shows by the D&E Production Company and wish them every success in their future endeavors.

In Other News

  • Meteors continue to strike outlying areas of the town, specialists agree that this is an ususual side effect of the "doomsday comet" Elenin passing near earth during the Hunter Meteor Shower. Residents are encouraged to stay indoors and keep a well-stocked emergency kit on hand.
  • Complaints have been lodged in regards to high levels of noise from Kick-Em Jenny Neck. Fishermen suspect school kids are throwing parties and setting off fireworks in this normally quiet area. "These kids don't seem to understand how disruptive they are!" says Ray Birdge, who was out fishing near the island recently. "Those party poppers were so loud they almost sounded like gunfire. All the fish were scared away from the area and I couldn't make my quota. Somebody needs to do something about these troublesome teens!" As of yet there has been no comment from the Haven PD on the matter.