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Haven welcomes all visitors and we encourage you to enjoy all the amenities of our picturesque town. Nestled in a quiet corner of coastal Maine, we offer abundant recreational choices. Join with our locals for a rousing wolf hunt in the ample forest that borders our town, or enjoy a relaxing day at sea on one of the many sailboats available for rent. Local artisans will be delighted to show their wares and the many bistros and pubs nearby offer endless meal choices. Whatever your preferences may be, your visit to Haven will be an experience you'll never forget!

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This Week in Haven

ChristmasIt’s been months. We’ve checked our calendar against one in Derry, and it’s been months. Months worth of Christmas Eve apparently repeating, with no explanation why. It’s hardly a wonder that when Christmas Day finally arrived, it seemed a blessed relief to us all. The busy season was over at long last and we could get back to our normal lives. We managed to interview someone who claims to remember the missing time, and she tells us it was like living in our own little world; life in a bubble. The perpetual perfection of life where nothing changes, nothing is expected so no disappointments. Nobody has offered a reasonable explanation to the cause of these events, nor a suggestion of how we managed to return to our everyday lives, but here we are nonetheless. It would seem that our only course of action is to keep calm and carry on.

That would be easier, of course, if life were the same as before. But with Audrey Parker missing and half the police force up in arms about it, everyone running in all directions to try to solve the mystery, life seems far from calm. In fact, there is a feeling of being poised on the edge of something. Something bigger than our ordinary lives, something waiting just at the edge of our perception. But with no knowledge of what is to come, there is little we can do to prepare. So in the meantime, all we can do is keep calm and carry on. I hope you’re having better luck with that than I.

In Other News

  • Holiday decoration sales hit record highs this year, outselling last years receipts almost five times over.
  • An kidnapping ring seems to have been operating within our borders, but the alleged victims declined to press charges. The police department continues to investigate and request that anyone with knowledge of these events please call their tip line.