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Haven welcomes all visitors and we encourage you to enjoy all the amenities of our picturesque town. Nestled in a quiet corner of coastal Maine, we offer abundant recreational choices. Join with our locals for a rousing wolf hunt in the ample forest that borders our town, or enjoy a relaxing day at sea on one of the many sailboats available for rent. Local artisans will be delighted to show their wares and the many bistros and pubs nearby offer endless meal choices. Whatever your preferences may be, your visit to Haven will be an experience you'll never forget!

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This Week in Haven

Reverend DriscollReverend Driscoll has been an upstanding fixture in Haven for a great many years. His death this past week has been a wave of shock to us all that has had a ripple effect across our town.

The Rev has shepherded the flock here for most of his adult life, having come to Haven straight out of seminary as a newly ordained minister. His firm stand on what it means to be one of God's chosen people has often as not been a source of controversy, but overall has won him the love and support of his congregation. He has been known to speak out against the "troubled" people amongst us and has pushed the people to take action against those who have been "damned by God". Most think he speaks metaphorically, but many have taken his words to heart and have acted against those they see as "abominations of nature".

Despite the controversial nature of his tenure here, Reverend Driscoll was dearly loved by the people of Haven and has done many good works for the poor and downcast within his parish. His programs to feed the hungry and clothe the children have been very successful during this time of recession, and his private counselling sessions have done wonders for many a needful person. His funeral service will undoubtedly be well attended, and he will be laid to rest in a place of honor in the parish cemetery.

In Other News

  • Recent reports of Wendigo sightings in the woods have been quelled with the killing of a black bear. Bears have been known to leave remains of their feeding in unusual conditions, and someone who isn't familiar with their eating habits could easily mistake this as Wendigo activity. Rest assured, the bear has been neutralized and the woods are once again safe for hikers.
  • A fire broke out at the warehouses of Adams and Knickle Ltd last week. Thankfully no-one was harmed, although there were several people inside the building at the time of the fire.