Welcome to Haven!

Haven welcomes all visitors and we encourage you to enjoy all the amenities of our picturesque town. Nestled in a quiet corner of coastal Maine, we offer abundant recreational choices. Join with our locals for a rousing wolf hunt in the ample forest that borders our town, or enjoy a relaxing day at sea on one of the many sailboats available for rent. Local artisans will be delighted to show their wares and the many bistros and pubs nearby offer endless meal choices. Whatever your preferences may be, your visit to Haven will be an experience you'll never forget!

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This Week in Haven

King's Point ChurchNewly rebuilt spire on King's Point Church stands proudly and slightly taller than it's three sisters. The spire, recently destroyed by a freak lightnening bolt which struck out of clear blue skies, was repaired with admirable speed by Joe Dawson. Joe has long complained about the stubby spires on the once elegant bell tower, shortened after the Great Fire, and has used the incident to satisfy his esthetic pleasures. Now if only some tragedy would befall the other three spires, Joe might well find all his dreams realized.

In Other News

  • Condolences to Julia Carr on the unexpected passing of her mother
  • An exhuberant "Happy Birthday!" to newcomer Audrey Parker
  • Congratulations to Beatrice Mitchell who welcomes yet another addition to her growing family
  • Large cracks appear on century-old statue of native son Nathaniel Hawthorne. Sightseer reports hearing statue say "first pigeons, now this?"